Didn't get rewards , stopped getting rewards

Didn’t get September rewards, had 2.766 bat and it vanished no claim button…

In October half way through the month I stopped receiving bat and can’t seem to recieve any…

It’s probably Crocodiles fault. Are you using VPNs or have you checked to see that your Windows settings are allowing brave to show notifications? Have you checked these solutions? https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055013431-Why-don-t-I-see-any-Brave-Ads-after-enabling-them-

No, and yes, can’t see why any settings would change without an update to the computer though… , that computer specifically has updates disabled for gaming

Maybe that is the problem? No computer expert here, but I’ve gone thru my share of hating windows and disabling updates etc. But now I believe having those automatic updates probably do something inherently important for other apps. If you have access to another computer you could try installing a new windows with full updates and download brave and see if ads show on that computer?

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Yeah not hating tbh I just install what’s necessary, still doesn’t answer for why the first month disappeared so im assuming a log check will be necessary for both aspects

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