Didnt get rewards on my other device

I have two devices connected to an uphold account, but only my work laptop, macos with the lesser rewards receives the reward while my home computer, win10 with more estimated rewards dont.

My rewards is not much so im not really asking for refund, i just want to bring it up to you that brave-uphold integration is wonky with multiple brave devices.

Yo tengo dos meses sin recibir mis recompensas y si son muchas aproximadamente 100$

Sorry i dont understand that.

I just got an email that i was rewarded .-.
But still, should I keep the other device to be verified or disconnect it ?

Ya te pagaron ?? Ya se te deposito a uphold ??? Yo todavía sigo esperando mi pago desde hace dos meses :pensive::pensive:

Siento escuchar a ese hombre.
Lo siento, uso el traductor de Google.

@Haperski Keep it connected dude, there’s a life time limit of four wallets linked to uphold so you’ll don’t get anything by disconnecting it. Besides the payments for verified wallets are still processing. In my case I got payed today for my two wallets with hours of difference.

Be patient

I see, thanks @JohnDproof
I hope my two phones can verify too though without the 25BAT requirements, because at this rate I would need roughly 3-4 years to make it to 25BAT each haha

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