Didn't get my Feb rewards my Uphold account is verified still i don't get reward

Why didn’t I get Feb rewards? My Upholed account is also verified still I didn’t get my Feb reward Why so?

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your not the only one. I haven’t received anything from Jan as well.

It appears the mods are no longer responding and brave is imploding.


if you mean the rewards payout that started on the 7th, uphold wallets are still processing according to the status thread.

I haven’t gotten mine yet either, first time I got the creators payout before ad rewards.

It is taking too longer to deposit BAT into uphold wallet this time. Last time, it was a nightmare.

its starting to sound like brave is a nightmare. This is a lot of work to follow up on over 3 bucks :crazy_face:

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Payouts are still processing. Please follow this thread for updates regarding March payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!