"Did you mean to go to" bar

I have a question about, the “Did you mean to go to” bar. I know it’s also in Chrome, so it probably comes from Chromium, because Brave has it also. I know it’s meant to prevent lookalike URLs.

I was wondering, though, if there’s any way to shut it off, or maybe at least whitelist a particular domain? Why you ask? Because it’s extremely annoying, particularly, when I, for instance intentionally go to well.com, and it asks if I mean dell.com, it does this, on every single page load on the site… No, I didn’t mean it the first time, and I didn’t mean it the 10th time. It makes me want to use a different browser just for accessing one site.

Here’s a screenshot, where the blasted thing popped up 4 times on a single page.

Please see this thread here

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