Did something happen with WASM


It’s been a while, but has something drastically changed to WASM. Not sure if this is Chrome or Brave issue, but I have a webmining for game currency system that I generally test over night (with consent and user control) but I’ve noticed that when I lock my screen and come back the next day it no longer webmines on my development station.

If this is the case, I would wonder if this could be manually turned off for either turning shields down or some other option.

Since users have to go through three layers of consent, they tend to be the types to leave their machines on overnight to earn rewards and its not something I am doing without their knowledge.

This might be all the browser though now that I’m testing, but I do remember the tab issue was Brave first but the acceptable work around given by the Brave team was CTRL+N.


Felty @ VidYen, LLC

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