Did not recive october & Novomber publisher payment! @steeven

I DID NOT RECIEVED MY OCTOBER AND MY NOVOMBER PAYOUT . I asked Steevenmany times but he dont know the problem that why our payments not recieved @eljuno @chriscat @steeven please solve our problems I saw Brave comunity there is many other like me that have the same problem. This email is linked to my brave account zarifnadem@gmail.com

Mee too.My uphold wallet is verified but still cannot receive BATS today is 10th of november.lol what is the problem with brave browser.

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Mine as well… I didnt get my payouts since October

same problem is with me too

me too iget the same Problem … and when i talk to @steeven … he told me Dm the email linked to your account … do you have any idea about that

Duplicate. Explained in DM.