DID not recieved my october reward. i was about to recieve 2.18 bat suddenly it dissappeared .with no clue

they can resolve the bug, resending the order to claim a reward to all user profiles

I also haven’t recived yet for the month october

Same issue for this month. How do we solve thaht ?

Yes same here, my earnings for the month of October is not reflected in my uphold. Yesterday, it says to be received in 1 day but right now as I check the brave browser the amount that should I be receiving is now gone

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yeah man :neutral_face: havent received the october payment into my uphold wallet (even though its verfied) or didnt even received any claim reward (in case your wallet is not verfied ) bat tokens for october just dissapppeard​:frowning::frowning:

I’m sure the Brave team are aware of this by now because I’ve seen 20 or so threads full of people with the same issue (I also have the issue myself).

Best to just wait it out

The same problem here, i lost 4.696 bat, which are 5 dollars.


I ended up going onto Brave on my Android phone and there was an option to receive my tokens there. I did that and now I have them. My phone and computer are linked, but it doesn’t show up on the computer. That’s odd. At least I know that if I go to my phone’s browser I can get the BAT transferred to my Uphold account.

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i got them on my android device but my computers wont let me claim them either so i am guessing the issue is with desktops and laptops

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Same… haven’t been getting any BAT at all on my desktop and the 2. something BAT from last month disappeared…

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Same here. Funds were supposed to settle yesterday on the 7th. They didn’t all day. Now it’s the morning of the 8th. Still nothing. Worried about losing them.

Does not work on mobile, laptop, or desktop for me.


I lost more than 1000 bats last night

Verified wallet payouts are still processing

Wallets are not synced on mobile and PC, this is for other features like - Apps, Bookmarks, Extensions, History, Settings, Theme, Open tabs, Passwords, Addresses and more, but not the wallet rewards

Unverified wallets should now have claim option,

verified wallet payouts are still being processed.

I have the same problem, my bat’s disappeared.
Verified uphold wallet, more than 1bat goes away. Received on the other anterior months… But October desapeared

i also not receive my bat token today

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Same problem, was to receive payout and then rewards reduced to zero and no payout. Unable to accumulate new rewards.


The admin team is just answering the community’s questions with a pre-built script, they are like a fully charged machine, they didn’t really support us. They say we send WALLET ID information, but in reality the problem is never solved.

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We just send feedback, and the admin team’s job is “please send me wallet information, version information, message me”. This is a built-in scenario, being a real robot, in the end the problem remains unresolved, and then we experience a new month and new questions, the cycle repeats itself. infinite

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I think nothing will change when the admin groups have had meetings before, what they do now is just to reassure us, not solve the problem.