Did not recieve 5 free BATs on linking Gemini to Brave

I received my 10.5 BAT from Brave in my new Gemini account, but i don’t find any extra 5 free BATs in Gemini …how many days do it take for the transaction. I just did it today


I didnt receive these either? were you able to get this fixed?

The 5 free BAT are paid out after 30 days from the day you link your wallet. Note that you must set up a NEW Gemini account to qualify. Previously existing Gemini accounts don’t count.


I did that and its new so lets see if I get them in 30 days

I received 4 free BATs but not my original balance of 20.5 BAT. How long did you wait before your 10.5 BAT to reflect on your Gemini Wallet?

my 10.5 BAT were transferred immediately within 10 minutes of linking gemini to Brave. But I am still waiting for those free BATs to arrive in my account

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Why haven’t I received my BAT’s yet?

I had 21 BAT’s in my original balance and as soon as I connected to my new Gemini account they just disappeared. Is there anywhere special I should be looking in my Gemini account or should they just show in the balance section? I emailed about them but no response. I also haven’t had my September BAT either.

The same thing happened to me except it did not disappear. The brave rewards show my balance of 20.5 BAT but, it does not reflect on my Gemini account. I have been wondering the same thing. Please do update when they reply to your appeal.

I had an aha moment yesterday & realised my Brave account had been linked to Uphold before I changed it to Gemini to take advantage of the 5 free BAT. I’m fairly new to crypto and just thought because the BAT were showing on my Brave screen that they weren’t actually in a wallet. Once I logged into Uphold I found my BAT! Doh! Plus my Sept BAT had gone straight in there too. I guess I was used to having to claim it each month. Anyway it all seems to have been solved now, just waiting to see if my 5 BAT turn up within 30 days!

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I am facing same issue, the September Brave rewards went to Uphold, not Gemini. Also, I have not received the 5 BAT into my Gemini wallet yet, who do I need to contact - Brave or Gemini?

Fiz-contact gemini–they will tell you it can take up to 30 days, I got mine…they will come

I got my 5 BAT too - it took over a week to verify and receive them.

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Got my 5 BAT now Noice

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