Did not receive the bat of my other brave profile

I have 2 brave profiles and both of them are connected to my gemini account. However, only the bat from my 2nd profile is deposited on gemini. is my bat from first profile lost? are we not allowed to connect gemini on more than one profile?

NO , you can connect upto 4 devices or 4 profiles .

what will happen to the bat in my other profile? is it just delayed or its lost?

@dayana BAT from unverified wallets are stored in the browser. This means the BAT on the profile should still exist but you will not be able to “withdraw” it until you connect it to a custodial wallet.

If you switch to that profile and go to Brave Rewards, you should see where it says Verify. You’d hit that and then you would Log In to your existing Gemini account. Once connected, it will send BAT over. I can’t promise the timing as far as whether it would send it right away or if it would send it in the following payout period.

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my gemini is verified. I have earned 1.750bat on my first profile and 0.722 on my second profile, but only 0.722 was deposited on gemini.

If you’re talking about the recent payout then it still might come. The seventh is only when they start initiating everything. Some people will receive the money right away but it’s always random. Like I still have not received my payout for my Windows computer or my android. And iPhone I’m using right now does not get any rewards because of Apple.

Anyways, just keep an eye out and within the next 3 to 5 days or significantly less you’ll probably see it appear. At least from my understanding of things. I’m so used to people using multiple devices and when you’re talking about profiles I guess you’re probably talking about the same device? If so that is an area that I don’t know to bunch about so I don’t want to “steer you wrong” but I think you’re good

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