Did not receive sponsored images for all 4 brave profiles

I got 4 brave profiles connected to an uphold account but all are not receiving sponsored images for almost a month.

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Are your settings for Sponsored images turned on ?
If yes, turn it off for some time (2 to 3 hrs). This has worked for me once/twice. Also are you receiving other types of ads like the ones in Brave news, notification ads ?

I am receiving notifications but not sponsored images

Okay. @SaltyBanana any fixes?

@shockie 1st, Ads are shared across profiles and they are frequency capped (hourly/daily/per user limit). 2nd You no longer get NTP SI on every 4th NTP, instead when they will be delivered is decided by the browser (more like ad notification).

So if you exhausted your caps in 1 profile, you won’t even see them in other profiles. It’s expected.

The caps are not exhausted. I get 1 image sometimes and I don’t get any for the day. Like I am blocked or something. I do use VPN sometimes for work purpose.

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