Did not receive pending payouts


Hi there!

I became a verified publisher in December. On January 8th, my pending payments were not payed out. I waited a couple of days, after reading the advice on this reddit thread:

Alas, nothing seems to have processed. I figured it would be quickest and easiest to get a response here.

Some perspective, from an end-user:

  • This appears to be a widespread problem, or at least, enough of one that several dozens of people are experiencing the same issue. It’s uncommon enough that, at least outside of this community page, there isn’t really much to go off of (e.g., on Reddit, that was the only thread, as far as I can tell). In responses from Brave accounts, it seems as though developers are well-aware of this issue. However, it is very hard to tell if they are aware who is affected, and whether the developers can automatically detect and apply a fix to those individuals, or if the team first has to be manually notified. It would be good to receive clarity on this.

  • I’m unsure if this community serves a dual purpose as a ticket system; hence, my posting this issue, despite others posting under similar circumstances. I apologize if this is redundant.

Thank you for your help!

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