Did not receive my BAT


I send my 20 free BAT to my friend on 14/11 but he hasn’t received it yet. It’s been 10 days already and i thought he would get it instandly. I tipped his twitter. Anyone can help me with this?


The problem is solved thanks for the help!

Hi @Timmy112xd,

Thanks for reporting your issue. Can you send a screenshot of your tipping panel? Was the BAT from Grants?

Thanks in advance!

Did your friend check the corresponding channel in the Publishers portal at https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/publishers/home ?

Is your friends twitter account verified with Brave ? It may be that BAT was send to only twitter. Se if your friend is verified…

I send the tip from my browser to him with the tokens I got for free as a gift from Brave.

He is verified that’s not the problem I think

I don’t know I will ask him, but in tipping summary he has nothing. He answered and said that the next pending payout he will get 19 bat so he has it now. Thanks

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hi i am not received payment

Yes that is the answer he would sign up as verified publisher, but good that it solved for you.

Hi Steven ,

Filled out the google form 2 days back as it was promised to send 1500 bat after the input of the ether address and installing the brave software.

Souvik Dutta


No. Of Bat tokens: 1500




DANGER: this is a scam – I hope you did not send any ETH or BAT to some random address or downloaded some piece of software from that site! This is NOT anything official from the creators of Brave!

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