Did not receive BAT from all devices (again)

EDIT: My missing payment has been processed. It was 7 days late but it came in full!
The history on both devices still is not showing but at least the important part is happening, earning BAT.

I have two devices registered with Uphold and I only got a payout from 1 of them for January. One linux desktop and one android.
This is the second time this has happened. Last time a ‘flag’ was removed and I started getting ads again but I missed a payout entirely. Now i’ve missed 2 payouts for ads that I viewed :frowning:
Additionally, I don’t know if it is related by my phone always says "no history for (last) month’ and my desktop is missing the payout summaries since September (but the ads viewed history is there)

I really like brave, and the BAT project but its very frustrating to keep missing tokens for ads I viewed.

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