Did I lose my rewards?

Hello, I recently resetted my computer, and after a previous reset in which I forgot about my rewards I saved my wallet phrase in a flash drive. When I entered it, it said my wallet was restored, but I lost all my funds (not much, like 1 dollar). Did I needed an Uphold account?
If thats the case, I didnt have an Uphold account because brave doesnt allow it if you dont have at least 25 BAT. Are my tokens lost? If so, it is quite unfair, since you cant prevent your tokens to be lost if you dont have that amount, and it is very hard to get.



I actually managed to create an uphold account even without the 25 BAT, so that information that the browser gives is misleading. You need to create and verify it by going DIRECTLY to uphold.com. But did I lose my previous rewards?

It’s a requirement to connect the browser wallet with Uphold account. Not for creating an Uphold account.

Most likely. If I understand the last entry of this thread correctly.

No it is not, since I managed to connect both wallets and now it is verified. It is quite misleading. I think I lost my previous bat, but thats fine (and unfair). Thanks!

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