Did everything already to restore BATs

I had to format my PC, so I searched A LOT about how to be sure I wouldn’t lose my BATs. Did everything, got the seed phrase (but that seems to be only for uphold account), got my wallet key, saved every single file of Brave Browser (because ppl said it stored my BATs there).

Now, after formating, my wallet key is not accepted and even copying every file I had back my BATs are all gone.

What else can I do? Or I just give up on Brave forever because every time I format my PC (normally once a year) I’ll lose everything?

Give up formatting once a year… Wasn’t aware this is still a thing… :zipper_mouth_face:

F&ck Brave then… Windows is a sh&t show of problems and eventualy it will break and I’ll have to format.

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