Did Anyone Receive August Publisher Payout?

I saw that some people received their tips, but did anyone receive their referral payout yet? Just wondering

No… i didn’t so upset

I think the status on the Megathread for Publishers account but change from pending to processing payments

No payment here yet either. I think they are still processing.

Yesterday they published it that the payment process begins on the 10th … what happens is that the 8th is a weekend they will not do it for that, there are still days free for them and we can only wait :slight_smile: on Monday

Ayer lo publicaron que el proceso de pago comienza el día 10… lo que pasa es que el día 8 es fin de semana no lo harán por eso, todavía quedan días libres para ellos y solo nos queda esperar : leve_sonrisa:el lunes

@MALG but they paid contributed amount , so why did they not paid the referrals amount ?

I only comment on what they said yesterday

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