Did anyone noticed less ads after switching to 10 ads/Hour

I’m having problem with ads. They aren’t consistent like it was when I had 5 ads/ Hour. Also, noticed that I’m not getting paid for viewing tab ads.

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No, I’ve actually being seeing more, a lot more. Sometimes two at a time. The number of ads per day had dropped drastically a few months ago; now it’s back to where it was before, if not higher.

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you always seem to have positive opinion
towards Brave.
and here I’m facing countless bugs

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Tengo el mismo problema, creo que desde la última actualización [
Versión 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115 (Build oficial) (64 bits)
], el número de anuncios que recibo disminuyó drásticamente, la verdad es que de recibir unos 10 anuncios en todo el día, ahora solo recibo 2 o 3. Espero encontrar solución a este problema porque es una de las razones que me atrajo del navegador. Buen día!

I propose to Revert the setting to cap it at 5 Ads/Hour instead.

Alternatively, Brave could fix the inconsistency of the ad frequency. If users want to have 10 Ads / Hour, they should get 10 Ads/Hour, and not a random value between 0-10 Ads/Hour.

I know the devs have said the inconsistent frequency was “intended”, but I don’t understand why it is so.

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If anything we should be happy he’s one of the regular moderators helping out the community resolve their issues. He’s doing this voluntarily and imagine if he gets harassed 20 times a day by new users looking for support?

Brave might be frustrating to use, but we are all good men and women.


I appreciate people like you!

And @Adison it doesn’t matter if you keep it as 5 Ads or 10 Ads. That’s just the maximum amount of ads that we would like to see.
For 10 Ads: We will get around 1-10 Ads per hour
For 5 Ads: We will get around 1-5 Ads per hour.

And if you live in some other place than USA, you won’t get more than 3 ads per hour, and you can’t blame Brave about it. It depends on the number of advertisers in Brave. In USA, there are more than 60 advertisers, but in India we have around 20 advertisers. Hence the number of ads will low compared to each-other.


I’m sorry but I just felt like he is biased towards brave.

I love to use brave browser but now most of the users facing problems.

Imagine some bats missing in your wallet. Probably some users won’t even notice it unless it’s too much bats that is removed.
(This all happened after some updates) which I think It was intentionally.

Now what if a crypto wallet company does this like removing some amounts intentionally it would be a big fraud.

Cause it’s not a small thing from a company like hey, some of yours bats is missing and it will be fix (now here I can bet user doesn’t even know how much exactly is deducted) unless he is a brave enthusiast.

and when you total it like from millions of users who lost bats. (some people saying they got their bat back) I haven’t from 5-6 days and many also didn’t get it yet.

and now when people starts to demand back their bats. Brave stopped paying for user attention and still brave making money from it so they can give back to user who demanding back their bats

When a official authority helped me “He asked how much did I loss” I’ll manually add

and this was only because I had some screenshot of bats otherwise I would be ignored.

If brave doesn’t wanna pay then it should directly like tell us
Why stealing some bats at the end of the month.

Chill out dude.

You aren’t buying the BATs, you are getting them for free by just watching ads. If you don’t wanna deal with all of this, just disable the ads.

And that deduction thing never happens with me. I get the exact number of BATs down to 0.00X.

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I’m not lashing out dude. I just said what I thought about brave. One more thing is it free? no, you paid your attention for it.

I had missed several BAT payouts before.

I contacted Brave support staff several times and replied to their request for the email/Wallet ID, but they didn’t get back to me.

But I persisted, and all the BAT I was owed, was eventually returned. I had to keep many screenshots to prove it went missing.

So please don’t give up. Keep PMing them if they don’t reply. Keep logs of your BAT and your conversations with the devs. Create new public posts and share your conversations if they persistently do not reply - believe me they will take action then.

As for everyone who says dismissive things such as the following, well that’s just their opinion, I don’t care what they say.

  • “You should be glad you even got any BAT at all”
  • "This is fine - it’s just part of the fix caused by <insert new breaking fix of the month>"
  • “Works fine for me”
  • “I blame Uphold/Chrome”

Brave doesn’t steal. It’s just they’ve done a piss-poor job at developing bug-free software, and they have a hiring shortfall on the technical and support side.


I just hope they will fix their reward system.

Imagine checking bat every time and taking screenshot frustrating.

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I have to do exactly that. Last month I had over 3BAT but when payouts came, I only got like 1.2 BAT but I didn’t have any screenshots to prove it. Now this month, I have a screenshot from July 14th showing 3.XX BAT and now it says my expected pay is 1.XX BAT. Two months in a row now. When I posted on here last month about it, people thought I was confused and wrong and deleted my post because it was “solved by moderator”. Now I made a new post a couple days ago with screenshots. No response yet. It now seems I’m not the only one with this issue.

i kept it at 10ads per day and i am getting zero ads haha

where’s the option of “10 ads per day” ?

Mine still shows max limit of 5?!

It’s in new update of brave. Update it

just create more post. This is so sad that brave removes some bat when it’s gonna pay.
I hope you’ll get your bats back.

I’m just realistic. And I have had bugs to deal with, as well. My take on it is that Brave is providing a FREE, privacy-protecting browser. The Brave Rewards are just icing on the cake, something that they don’t have to provide but they do. If there are bugs in Brave Rewards, I deal with them until they’re fixed. To me, it’s far more important that they fix bugs in the browser itself.

I also read the forums way more than I should, and I see people complaining all the time about things because they DON’T read, and they have erroneous expectations of how Brave Rewards works. 99% of the people here are also VERY impatient. They DEMAND that someone fix THEIR issue RIGHT NOW.

There are VERY few Brave staff and THOUSANDS of users requesting help (plus hundreds more just complaining and whining, taking up valuable staff time). The Brave Rewards program is NOT the main purpose of the Brave browser, so dedicating a lot of staff to Brave Rewards is not feasible. The staff focus their efforts on finding and fixing errors in the program that CAUSE the issues, which takes time. Fixing individual accounts is not their focus.

It appears to me that many of the bugs are related to the interface between Brave and Uphold. I personally refuse to link my Brave accounts to Uphold at all, just because of Uphold’s history of shady business practices, outrageously high transfer fees, and the recent massive embezzlement by their now-former Chief Compliance Officer. I don’t trust Uphold AT ALL. I am waiting for Gemini wallets to become available, and I will evaluate them before I link my Brave accounts.

I’m actually thankful that we used to have to accumulate 25 BAT in order to link a wallet, because getting to that point gave me plenty of time before taking the plunge to learn more about Uphold, enough to decide that I don’t want to have anything to do with them, ever.


The number of ads you receive per hour depends on how many ads the advertisers buy, for YOUR region, for YOUR device type. Brave has no control over that. That’s how marketing and advertising work. Same with the amount of BAT per ad, and the price in USD (or other currency) per BAT. All market-based.

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Sorry but as you don’t need to actually interact with the ads and they are automatically counted you only have to give them attention if you choose to…in essence then BAT is most definitely free. I also agree that if you don’t want to deal with the ads then disable them, problem solved.

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