Did anybody receive the September brave rewards?

Did not receive the September rewards payment and I’m wondering if everybody else got anything?

Nope nothing at all on my end, no deposit to my Gemini account, which led me to just decide that it is better to turn off Brave Rewards as its not worth it at all to deal with the ads and hassle for a couple of dollars each month. I will use Brave with the rewards off, as I have no interest in BAT any longer.

Hi. Is your rewards profile connected to Uphold / Gemini?
If yes, then best bet is to
Raise a ticket at

Make sure to share the ticket id here (you’ll get one to your email when you submit the ticket).

hello i have not received my august rewards and have submitted a request n° 221296

I’m a brave user for over 2 years so yes its connected. Raise a ticket again?! its the same thing every month lately, going trough all this hassle for 2 Bat (30 cents), I’m getting Fed up with this.

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How am I supposed to know for how long you’ve been a user? Lol. No offence,
Spent a lot of time here seeing people saying not getting rewards and just to tell them they arent connected so just confirming

Hi @Kickflip can you share your most recent ticket number? I can take a look.

@Macfan if you haven’t already please also submit a ticket and share your number here. Thank you.

Did mean to sound arrogant, but i get those reply’s every time i post that the rewards did not com trough… you can actually see when i joined the brave community forum by clicking my profile (Joined May 27, '21) same way i can see you are a member since (Joined May 8, '22)…

My case number for this ticket is 222382

Yeah. Anyways, it’s alright! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Kickflip, will review.

Hi @Kickflip I see that your ticket was replied to this morning. Thank you for your patience.

yes i got the transfer, but only for October, the September rewards never came…