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Hi All ,

I am glad to use the new browser which open , free and secure. Here is one the request which i would like to add into the community.

Please add a oxford dictionary or any other good english dictionary to the extension. as google dictionary. It would be helpful for anyone who reads alot.


Dear ssnagesh. It looks like you need an Oxford, Chambers, Collins, dictionary at home, let alone on-line.
UK English dictionary apps are few and far between, and I think Brave are too concerned with getting more basic issues right first, and finish the decorations after they’ve fully baked the cake.
There are one or two apps/programs that you can install on your computer, and check items against those, but they are a bit time consuming. I have been using languagetool.org’s application, and I’ve found that very helpful. It’s supposed to install on Chrome, but I think Brave is too far removed now for that to work.
If you have a long matter to write about, then Grammarly might suit you; It’s good, but you get too many ads and interruptions with the free version.
As I sometimes say:- ‘ave a nice diy, me ol’ china.

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