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I’m on an Ubuntu machine (20.0) and trying to add my custom dictionary file to the Brave user files. I cannot get it to work.

In Windows (10), I go to the user files for Brave Browser, then there is a directory “Dictionary” and inside is a simple text file with all the words I added to the spellcheck. I could copy/paste that file to any account on any Windows machine.

Back to ubuntu… I found the “Dictionary” directory and inside is only a file “en-GB-9-0.bdic”. I tried pasting my custom words dictionary text file into that directory and nothing happened. I add new words to Brave to see if they were even writing to the file >Nope.

This is incredibly important. I work in a field that requires very technical terminologies (Bio, Science, Medical, engineering). My custom dictionary file is at least one thousand words. There is no way on earth I can add all of that one by one. I would rather quit my job and become a professor. LOL

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Hello @Vidarr

for ubuntu go to /home/yourUserName/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default there file called Custom Dictionary.txt this the one you need to edit

but there one trick at the end of file which is the checksum if the windows file has it then copy it with your words if not then let me know to ask one of the team about which checksum the file use so you can create it and

without that checksum line the brwoser would not load it and the next time you restart your browser it will create new file and back the old one

hope that help and have a nice day

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try to check the same bath in windows you will see same file name copy that one

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Thank You Very Much!

Solved and Close it!

edit: Yes, the checksum was already there, generated from the other browser. I started this custom spell check dictionary file like 5+ years ago. This is my first time inserting into ubuntu. Thanks again.

you very welcome and glad to know it worked

you welcome again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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