Dialogue/Alert Pop-up Preferences


I’m using a dialogue/alert window to give my page visitors passcode access to my work @ https://st-fresh.github.io

I noticed that when I try loading any of my works in Brave the dialogue/alert doesn’t fire,

I’m assuming I need to set some pop-up preferences of some sort?

It would be nice if Brave asked me if I want to allow pop-ups and/or alerts of this nature per page no?

Just wondering what the best options are if I want pop-ups to work for certain web pages I load in Brave?

I tried accessing my works in Chrome and the dialogue/alert does fire.

Thanks for any advice!


There’s an open issue for the problem here:


… Clique Bait …haha… the irony of your name rn…


I’m affected by this issue at work. I’m a cataloging librarian, and the cloud-based, web-accessed integrated library system I’m compelled to use includes pop-ups in many workflows. I have all shields for the site disabled, but I still can’t access several important features because the pop-ups don’t appear. This prevents me from using Brave as the default browser, and might be solved by allowing users the choice to enable pop-ups for selected sites.


Great, much needed feature.

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