Diagonal tearing while scrolling (like a glass shattered)

I am on windows 11 pro OS build 22621.1105 with Brave v1.47.186 (Jan 25, 2023) on Dell XPS and as I scroll up or down relatively fast I get a Diagonal tear from top left to bottom right corner. I have tried the community help or comment to execute the flag chrome://flags/#scroll-unification. The flag setting did not help.
does any one else have this issue?
Thank you In advance.

@garye No guarantee any of these will make any difference, but do try to give each a shot and see if you notice any impact. It also kind of gets a shortlist of things in case anyone from Support or elsewhere might want you to check details. Essentially, I’m just trying to rule out some possible issues/solutions while also collecting information from you so the experts can do a better job of assisting.

  • Go to brave://settings/system and disable (or enable if it’s already disabled) Use hardware acceleration when available.

If that doesn’t work:

  • Go to brave://flags and enable Prerender2

If still no impact:

  • brave://flags and enable Vulkan

If none of those change anything:

  • Create a new profile and test there, making sure no extensions or anything are running. If it works here, then it’s likely something in settings, cookies, extensions, or cookies creating your problem.

If none of that works, can you clarify if this is happening on any particular websites or content?

Does turning off Shields impact this in any way?

If you go to use Chrome, does the issue happen there as well?

Have you checked for updates to drivers on your device?

Lastly, is there a way to show a screenshot or small video of it happening?

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on it will report back with results

Tested them all and here are the outcomes:

brave://settings/system disabled hardware acceleration and it WORKED. solved the issue thanks.

Tested brave://flags/ and enabled prerender2 it worked as well.


Tested brave://flags/ and enabled Vulkan and it worked as well.

After each test I reset the flags to make sure that each test wad mutually exclusive.

I will use the disabling of hardware acceleration for now. It seems to be the least risky choice

Thanks so much!


Perfect, all worked on my end too (Dell Inspiron 7620 with Geforce 3050). thanks so much!
Would one of the option have an impact on battery usage?

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