Devonthink extension


Web extension for Devonthink would be great in this browser. If it had that (and 1password extension) it would be the only browser I would use.

They have extensions for every other major browser

Please add DEVONthink extension

1password is already implomented, you can acces it in settings>security>Passwords and Forms::wink:


Hi @333, Is Devonthink similar to Pocket?


I don’t use it but it seems to be a way to sync all your documents so you can acces it on different computers :wink:


Checking the site made me think the same so wanted to confirm if it more or less same as Pocket.


Hi Sriram

Sorry for the late reply. Wasn’t familiar with Pocket and busy to
check it out.

Pocket is a bit similar to the Devonthink extension in that they both
can store web content for offline viewing and can alter/screen out
elements. In Devonthink you have options of the formats you want to
save the link, such as a bookmark, pocket-style offline/screened or
web archive.

Hope that helps! It’s a really great feature for research and keeping
sources organized even if they are very different file types. Happy to
answer any more questions about it and hope to see a Devonthink
extension in Brave soon!


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