Devices use separate wallets

That sounds like red flags flapping in the wind.

Alright so I xfered 25 BAT over to uphold with the intention of using it to verify my android phone wallet. Are you all saying that I can’t do this? I have to actually earn the rewards by clicking on ads with my phone until I hit 25 BAT and only then can i verify my phones wallet?

Meanwhile, my laptop can the 25 BAT thay i sent right off the bat…hell i could verify my laptop wallet without the 25 BAT as well.

What’s the point of all of this? Super confusing and really off-putting. Some people said in a few months we can use Gemini instead?

Hi, @jonsmith1871, Gemini is an option for Creators right now - there are plans to implement it for all users on the horizon.

The wallets do not sync. With your Uphold account, you can link up to 4 wallets to it - this is a permanent limit currently.

While the 25 minimum requirement of BAT on Android could be frustrating, there is a plan to change this, too - I did the same as you at the beginning, thinking I could verify on mobile with a deposit of BAT:

I’m here firstly for the browser, the BAT’s a nice bonus; personally, I think what’s planned, makes small annoyances like these worth enduring for a time :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the response. I ended up finding out these answers that you’ve listed above, but after a solid 5 + hour session of trouble shooting, ripping my hair out and not working (now im behind in work, but that’s my fault too :sweat_smile:) …

I agree, the browser is great and I will continue to use it. But these guys are really screwing up by not making it clear that the android version requires you to earn BAT to verify while the desktop version only requires having an uphold account…just Look at all the threads here and on reddit. Tons of fustration, confusion, and people who don’t know what we know…

I bought $300-$400 BAT coins as soon as i read about their business model etc. THEN I downloaded the browser. I don’t regret this decision, but man, they really need to make that more clear. May seem like a small thing, but in a volatile, momentum fueled market that is crypto, small stuff like this can snowball into lots of missed opportunities.

Now, more than ever, with covid, the stimulus packages, tax returns andunemployment benefits that pay more than a lot of of people’s jobs and the media drawing in an unprecedented amount of new crypto investors…its a super important time to put their best foot forward.

Heh, maybe I’m being a little hyperbole here, but im still pissed that I burnt most of my day to come to this conclusion…heck, just changing the verify wallet denial message to something like “you need to EARN 25 BAT tokens on Android” would be a heck of a good start. And then also make it clear that on the desktop versions, you do not.

Edit - im also having a good time boozing tonight, so my point remains but my words and intensity i blame on fermented hops :slight_smile:

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I probably have a lot more time than many others right now, to dig around, so I don’t mind sharing information or tips whenever/ wherever I can. The information is out there, but it is spread around a bit. I’m still learning; I only came in this mid-March :upside_down_face:

I think Brave understands this…

…because Support has said they’re looking to reduce or maybe even eliminate that minimum requirement on Android. My first topic I created here was on this very issue Mobile (Android) wallet not syncing with desktop's - #2 by Mattches I, too, bought BAT after verifying an account with Uphold on my desktop, in hopes of opening verify on my mobile with a deposit. :sweat_smile:

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