Devices not supporting brave

Hi there,
I was talking about brave browser to my friend and was encouraging him to install the app on his smartphone (which was honor 7x). But

it was shown that he could not install the app.
Is there any compatibility issues for Brave with honor 7x?
If so, are there any other devices that might show such issues?

I’ve had that pop up on my phone. It’s either been because there were other operations going on through the Google Play store or because I didn’t have sufficient free space.

Hi @geraldst - thanks for writing in! As @cynical13 mentioned, I think this is a device memory issue.

But they usually show insufficient storage pop-up when there is insufficient storage. Right?

Maybe? I haven’t dived deeply into the Play store. I also try and keep extra items off of my phone, but I have seen the popup you shared in your initial message.

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Okay. Thanks for the support. :slightly_smiling_face:


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