Device Reached Limit Cant Login

Good Day,

Requesting your kind assistance.

I need to reformat my computer and install again the brave browser.
but when I sign in again my uphold account to the same computer but newly installed brave browser the error is

Error: Device limit reached

I have only two computers how my uphold reached the device limit?

My i know if there is way to deactivate from uphold the old authorize brave browser rewards?

Thank you


Same Problem happened to me. Brave support please solve this issue asap.

Brave counts a new install as a new device and, unfortunately, that counts towards your max limit of 4. :frowning_face:

Try this.

Stop and consider what you are saying–a new install counts as a device. Do you know how many posts exist in this community with an issue to which the solution is to do a fresh install? Four device identifiers? What…am I unable to ever upgrade a phone, tabet, laptop, etc? You’ll find comments here that say the 4 device rule was an Uphold decision, but Brave and Uphold are partners. Uphold doesn’t tell Brave what it can and cannot do. Four devices! Over a lifetime! Four installs! Til death. It’s nonsense. It’s akin to the tactics micro-reward sites use so they do not have to pay you the $0.10 due from the survey that said it’d take 8 minutes, but it ended up taking 40. I mean…it is.

I agree! It’s crazy! and I think most users agree too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no idea why Brave made that decision and why that limit number. Maybe when the user base was smaller and more manageable it made sense. I am sure it had something to do with fraud prevention but even then, 4 devices seems low.

I am glad they are doing away with linking limits. (Hopefully, that will be released soon. I posted a link to the GitHub project below.) I would love to try out Beta and Nightly releases just for fun but I won’t until they remove linking limits. Just too easy to hit that number after a few crashes and be locked out of Rewards altogether!

There are two links here. One with a link to the request to remove a device, the other contains screen shots to help.

@Herrvader The link I provided (in post#3), has a link to the wallet unlinking request instructions/form with a little added information. I was trying to save time so just provided a link to something I already posted. lol Basically the same as you just posted.

Not sure why you reposted the information. Do you recommend I do something different?

Edit: @Herrvader I do like the screenshots! Very helpful. I am going to start including them in my posts and also add them to a user solutions topic in the Misc category if that is ok with you! :smiley: Maybe the screenshots were why you reposted… ? Thank-you. :wink:

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I did the screen shots because I think a lot of folks may be doing the request incorrectly. This may be why it’s taking weeks and months to get devices removed. Wasn’t trying to step on your toes.

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