I tried to connect uphold wallet to brave browser but after verifying my bat reward were not sent to my uphold so i checked in log it says wallet connected & device limit reached & even in my windows brave browser my browser re verify & even there same issue PS:- posting screen shot
@steeven reply don’t just ignore this

@steeven i need your help on this help me

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did you happen to reset your brave rewards data? i think it consumes another verification if you use the reset reward data function.

No nothing of that sort @steeven ve & even i am not able to login to my verifying my uphold where i was connected before

No bro i have not reset it

@Adrian_02 please look into this

Hey Jacktsaz,

Just to clarify, what you currently want to do is diconnect one of your wallets and connect another in its place, correct? Or is there another issue?

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