Device Limit Reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because you've reached the maximum verified device limit.9/6/2021

Now i get your point. I think in your case you will have to wait until they implement the planned roll-out of delinking previous wallets. But maybe choose the solution above as a temporary solution as you wait for the major update.

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I’m also curious if device limit is just per device or per browser profile?
for example, if I have two brave browser profiles on my computer, is that taking up two spaces or just one slot ? (recognize mac address?)

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Per device.

I’m using Brave Sync on a 5th device/laptop and it won’t let me verify my Uphold wallet due to hitting the limit.

What they could do is, increase the limit to 10 devices and allow us to unlink devices we no longer use.

I don’t want to create an account at Gemini simply because I’d rather have it all in one account than split across. I’ll wait.

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same here

it like 3 months ago, wallet disconected, don’t know why… and I re-conect and wallet appears un-verified and try to verify shows, max devices reached…


Ohh yea. I had this done a while ago. Mattchees deleted one for me some time ago.

@PhilipX20 Farming bats on 10 devices. Easy Money. 10 Is too many. 4 is fine. IF you can manage them. It is just a waiting game now for that to happen.

That is easy to figure. Go here on all your devices that are still connected and you wish to keep : brave://rewards-internals/

You will find each devices active wallet payment IDs there.
You just tell em which one you want to keep. That is what I did.

have u solved the problem sir ?

could you please explain in detail?

It is all explained here

Thank you very much, but I want to know one thing that “For now I installed brave having 5 bats and here custodian member id was not showing and I don’t know the remaining wallet information”. How should I remove the remaining wallets except this?

i think multi wallet sync feature never gonna come [@_@]

It was like this could you please check

If it’s not connected it doesn’t matter. Just put a request from the post I linked you earlier.

Have them remove 1 at random if you don’t have anything connected right now it makes no difference

I said it here if you have a device connected and how to find IDs

But what should I fill for the custodian id? The external wallet info was null
Hey, I previously verified for my mobile can I use the same custodian id here?

whatever it is I have done with my custodian member id in mobile. Thank you

The worst part is: it’s not only each “device”. The same device/hardware with two browsers will count as two devices. I had a dual boot PC with Windows and Mint. Installed Brave on both sides + my phone. Everything was fine.

But then I sold that machine and did the same in a new PC, so two more installings. Now I can’t verify the walled anymore on Windows because of this pointless limit. Is it really SO hard to fix?

recently I have formatted my device. And now found out that I can’t connect to my verified wallet or delink previous device. This is truly bad design. And they don’t even implement profile moving like Firefox.
I have so much hope for brave. But there will be time that most of the people change their device in few years or reformat windows or android. What is the solution for this?

Hi Community,
As most of you, having same issue. Tried to get info to unlink one (on two) Brave instance to get some kind of fix… but it seems this functionality isn’t implemented. A bit weird don’t you think… Maybe I’m wrong.

So interesting workaround I came up with to this… What I did was create a brave creators account and donate all my BAT to my own website. You lose 5% of your BAT but it’s better then losing 100% of your BAT.

Hello, I already send you a DM with the same issue. Thanks