Device Limit Reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because you've reached the maximum verified device limit.9/3/2021

reset my computer now showing this error , only 2 device iam using


If you reset your PC, it will count the old device as a separate device.

So every time you reset a device, it will count the old one as a separate device.

How can we get any info about this from the brave team?
This should honestly be high priority.
Brave exists for years now. You can’t expect people to not do fresh windows installs or getting new phones within 2 years.
4 is nothing. 4 active devices, okay. I would be fine with that. But every windows install adding a device without a way to clean that up is just ridiculous… at least could be an inactivity remove. A device is not active after 1 month, auto delete it. Or give us an account system just to manage linked devices and maybe a rewards wallet online as backup.

When I went back from win 11 to 10 few days ago, i had to fresh install which put my device limit over 4. While it also wiped around 7 bat off my reward wallet.
All while I even backed up all brave folders and inserted them again.
It’s just crazy. And this shouldn’t be low prio to get fixed. Soo many people have problems with this.


I know that feels mate. I’ve been reformatting my PC because of faulty SSD and viruses. I’m now getting the error too. Hopefully, they will find a way to detect the same user even if the browser is freshly installed.

Same here after reinstalling and changing devices, I can’t connect the browser to my uphold account.
Any news from the brave team ?

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