Device limit reached, flagged, no reward payout Feb 24

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My brave profiles (not more than 6) are connected to Zebpay. These are phones and PC devices that I use regularly. Recently, there was an issue in hard disk in one of my PC. So, I installed-reinstalled OS multiple times, installed brave and connected to Zebpay.

Probably, this led to the issue of Device Limit Reached, flagging and no payout.
Recently, I remove Brave from my android tablet and reinstalled it. Now, I am not able to connected it because of device limit. It should not be the case because it it the same device I am trying to connect.

I created support tickets regarding these issues but am not getting any resolution, only replies I’m getting seem to be standard replies with no answers to the follow up queries.

I confirm that I’m not using any virtual machines. If there is a way to verify it from Brave’s side, it can be done. I am ready to provide any additional information in support tickets that I created.

Kindly help how shall I proceed forward for resolution.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)
Windows, 1.62.162

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)

Are you in a supported region? (see here for list of supported regions)

mere sath bhi esa hi hua hai. account ab unflag kb hoga wo bhi pta nhi.

@tanujp1 to keep it plain and simple, Brave has already made a final determination. As much as you may dislike it, they are telling you that it is not up for debate nor will they be telling you what you did that resulted in you being flagged…except that you displayed irregular activity.

Don’t think anyone asked if you were? Using a VM isn’t necessarily a violation of Terms anyway.

You can’t. There’s no more you can do. You’re flagged, meaning your account is permanently suspended/banned at this time.

I gave VM reference because I was reading earlier posts regarding similar issues wherein someone has already pointed about it. I thought that mentioning such a possibility would clarify the issue better.

If it is a permanent ban, then there’s some serious issue in Brave’s mechanism pertaining to the device identification. One of the major issue is that when you uninstall and install Brave again on the same device, you get a new Brave profile. As per my understanding it should not be the case. There is no mechanism to unlink first before uninstalling it if it is necessary.
It needs to be fixed.

I have stated my case which might have lead to flagging. I have not done anything else other than what I have mentioned in the post.
I don’t know about other reasons, Brave support is also not telling about them in support ticket that I created. I contacted Zebpay also regarding it and there seems to be no issue from their side. So, it is there on Brave’s side.

So many users have mentioned this issue, there are many posts here in community also regarding it.

I request you to inform the staff about this issue. I am a new user, joined about 3 months ago, and don’t know whom to contact.

That is how it’s intended and should remain. When you uninstall Brave. you’re erasing your profile. When you reinstall, it’s starting from scratch. It’s kind of the same as you going into Brave Rewards and resetting it.

It is not necessary. In fact, there’s no longer device limits or anything either. Those who do get the Device Limit Reached message are actually getting that prompt due to an antifraud measure. As they explained in the message to you about being flagged, they look and compared to what is normal. So like if normal people might reinstall browsers or link 10x in a year and you do it 20, they are going to suspect something and might take a closer look. It also might then serve that message to you where you can’t connect any additional devices as they are suspecting fraud.

Do remember that Brave Rewards is meant for casual usage and assumes we’re paying attention to ads. Linking a bunch of random devices together and constantly changing profiles is definitely abnormal and a clear indication that someone is abusing the system, most likely for their profit.

Correct. As I mentioned, they don’t explain what you did. Long ago they used to tell people little things, but all that resulted in was people arguing. Even to the point where they tried to demand Brave prove their claims and reveal how they were specifically caught. After so many people started using it to try to learn what the antifraud measures were and how to overcome them, it became normal not to say anything. Brave has no obligation in Terms or anything to explain why any account is suspended.

And I do also want to point out that the same thing is done many other places. I have shared screenshots before of people dealing with the same thing at Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Uphold and other sites. They just investigate and give you a final ruling. Originally I was hoping to see the reverse as I wanted Brave to tell us more, but the world doesn’t work that way.

Yes, and you get a variety of things. Most who are wrongly flagged get it removed and continue earning. As I have helped here over the years, I’ve seen people who have tried to sell accounts, openly admitted to using automation, posted to show how they hacked and changed the amount of BAT being reported earned (with one in the past trying to say they got 500 BAT in one month, lol), etc. Sadly, there’s a lot of fraud out there.

That said, there’s the opposite end of the spectrum as well. Brave will tell us that things like using VPN isn’t enough to get us flagged. But if you look over reports from the past 4 years or so, you’ll notice it’s a common thread. And if you look at the Terms of Service that we agreed to, there’s a sentence in there that says You may not make any attempt to view ads not intended for your region.

So if we do use VPN to appear in a different country/region and have Rewards enabled, we have violated Terms and could be flagged/suspended. They supposedly are very loose on this and only flag if other behavior is detected, but it still is something that the average person does wrong.

On that note, I even remember people trying to lie about the country they were in just so they could earn more BAT. People from India, for example, were claiming to be from the United States. This was back when you could earn vBAT and your country/ads were just determined from your Locale and IP address. As you may know from current procedures, Brave had to get a bit more stricter on things to counter this.

The support ticket is the best way to initially reach out. Once they make a final decision, they don’t “waste time” on spinning their wheels to explain or argue. Topics like this can serve as feedback and we (users and staff) are all discussing ways to modify things in the future. That said, Brave is going to do what they need to make sure that they aren’t getting abused by anyone. They need to make a profit and also make sure they are abiding by laws and regulations. In those regards, they need to be strict.

Understood, yes they need to make profits and abide by regulations.
Yes, I reinstalled Brave multiple times, I have mentioned that earlier. I thought that the device is same, hence later, I can connect to my custodian account. But I don’t agree on the point that multiple reinstallation on the same device are different brave profiles. Anyways, it is up to Brave how they would like to implement it.

On using VPN and abusing, I am not using VPN.

I asked support team to reset all my connected devices so that I can start afresh.

I have not yet received any response regarding it.

That doesn’t happen. You are now flagged on a custodial level. In other words, if you try to connect anything to ZebPay, it shouldn’t allow you. And even if another device or profile does link, you should end up flagged before payments arrive and should never receive payment.

Like I said, if they told you that the account is flagged and won’t be reinstated, then you’re out of luck. At least should be if you were told correctly and things are working as intended.

It is working as expected as per the current mechanism in place, probably.
If so many users, in the community, are reporting this issue, then there is something wrong in this mechanism. Not every user abuses the system.

All I can say is my profiles are falsely flagged for the probable reason I mentioned.
It is up to Brave, if they want to keep them flagged and blocked.
I don’t have any issue.
I will continuing using the browser and its conveniences as long as I like.

Hello @tanujp1 - Your case was thoroughly reviewed and a response was provided. We stand by the decision to keep you flagged. Thank you.

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