Device Limit Reached after breaking computer

I had a computer that broke and now I’m unable to link my uphold wallet to my new computer because my device limit has been reached. Could I please get someone to unlink my old broken machine(s) so I can connect my working computer?


You can use this to reset 1 device from uphold. I had also heard sometime this month brave was suppos3ed to be coming out with a way to rid these limits once and for all. Not sure if it is still happening this month or if it has been postponed.

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Link: Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Unfortunately I have filled out that form twice already (over a month ago) and have heard nothing back and no progress has been made :frowning:

Forgot to post the link, however, you already filled it out… From what I have heard they are going in order received and there are lots of users requesting this so it will take quite some time unfortunately. Hopefully they will roll out that update or whatever will be needed to get rid of these device limits soon.

@Damarus Unfortunately there’s been a LOT of tickets being submitted for a lot of things lately. Staff has been working through it all as best they can .

Not sure if you saw, but like Mattches last week shared the below:

That’s just DMs. That doesn’t count the number of people who fill out those wallet unlink forms, the posts they respond to, or all the things they get tagged to. It gets crazy. They are working on things, though I do wonder if they might just be prioritizing payments and other things over the wallet unlink at the moment. Reason being we should be seeing the update here soon where we can handle it ourselves. It is end of Q1 it should go to testing and a couple weeks later, to be released for all users.

You can keep track of the status at where you’ll be paying attention to

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