Device Limit Problem

what is the device limit, why couldn’t I add my uphold wallet to the brave browser in my pc? what is the point of this? and how can I solve this problem?

Device limit is the limit to 4 wallets/devices that can be linked to any custodial wallet. This means you were limited to 4 devices in a lifetime to places like Uphold. For you to be receiving the message you have reached this limit, it means you have installed and tried to Verify your wallet more than 4 different times on either multiple devices or you did reinstall of the browser multiple times which took up slots.

Umm, because you hit the Device Limit?

It was put in to stop people from abusing things by running a million emulators and old devices all linked to an account to “farm” BAT. This helped to make sure ads were delivered to more people, but it also helped Brave not to have their money stolen from Users this way.

Fill out a Wallet unlinking request form . Instructions on how to complete this is provided at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

ok, I see but, I had trouble my pc and firstly I moved another pc then I installed brave and activate my brave/uphold wallet, later fixed my other pc’s trouble and then again moved to it. But since that day I couldn’t activate my brave/uphold wallet, besides I have never thought of abuse, anyway, will there any solution for this or not? because I think it is not fair, I even didn’t know about any limitations.

how long does the unlinking request take ?

how long does the unlinking request take? and will be there any information about for this process to users?

Sorry, didn’t get a notification on this for some reason, I would have answered you. :bowing_man:

So now to answer you and @SKZ the requests all depended on amount of tickets. At this point it’s been over a month for a lot of people. There’s just been too many tickets being submitted and not enough staff to get to it all.

It’s going to be quicker to just wait for the wallet limit to be removed, which ideally is going to happen by the end of this month. It went into testing last week and they said as soon as it passes there, it’s being applied via the back-end, meaning we won’t have any updates to install or anything.

You can track the status of it at

thank you for your answer

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