Device limit error ( feb 2024)

I just brought new laptop and new mobile fr this new year and sold my old one and when i login brave throws me " Device limit error " … and when contacting support they made it mandatory to have " rewards id" which i don’t have anymore … brave alteast provide and option to delete the device mannually . Please.

Yes you do. If you activated Brave Rewards, which you had to do in order to try to link to Uphold or wherever, then you have a Rewards Payment ID. They aren’t asking for ID of devices you no longer have. They just want the ID for the device experiencing issues. Though you will need to make sure you provide them with the email address associated with the custodial account as well, so they can try to look into that.

So on your device, go to brave://rewards-internals and look for the Rewards Payment ID


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Thanks fr the reply , so i just happened to be logged in with zebpay and still the device error limit showed anyway , and when searched (brave://rewards-internals ) i got the Rewards id , all i have to do is fill form using this id and issue gonna be solved ? If thats a yes , thankYou.

They will look into things and help. So you fill in the Rewards ID but then you also make sure you provide them the email associated with your ZebPay, so they can try to look at connections to it.

One thing I’ll stress is the message saying anything about device limit is now an antifraud message. While it could be an error and they will remove it, there is also a strong likelihood that the system flagged you for suspicious behavior. If so, they will make a determination whether to reinstate your account or leave it flagged. Usually I have not seen a lot of good news from people who had the device limit message. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get it resolved and be back to earning.

Regardless, you creating that support ticket will be the only way you’ll get answers and any hope of a solution.

Oh my god, bro!!! Thanks fr the information
and , That’s really bad brave should actually use Iemi or something unique fr each single device , people keep changing devices very often these days , hopes brave will definitely looks into this . Or atleast manually provide option to remove old devices

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