Device Flagged/Limit Removal

Finally… The Device Limit… Has been removed…

If Ya Smell llallala…Lelll…

What the Krazzy… Is cookin’

Two thumbs up Brave Support @Mattches and all.


Two “Other” fingers for the “Flagging” of my main device… My Daily Driver (Cell Phone)

My Daily Driver…: (Optional Reading Assignment - Extra Credit)

One + 7 Pro, de-googhouled with e/OS running Volta with Volta VPN. When the Device Limit Error was removed, it now shows as “FLAGGED”…? Now before you jump to conclusions…

MY 2nd Burner Phone is…: (yes i have a back up phone)

One + 7 Pro McLaren 5g that is also on Volta with VPN. No Flag on the Play there…? I use it daily also as a back up…

News Flash…: I am posting this from Mozilla.!!

“Does that make me dirty bay bay…?” Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery


Not Gonna use a Browser that will not even give me a reason for “FLAGGING.”

Brave gotta go before My e/OS & Volta will…

Cuz the SpyGhouls at Alphabet inc. And Fecesbook do not need to know when I go to the men’s room to take a dump.

(or should I take a dump in the ladies room today? What is my pronoun? Happy Gay Pride Gender Confusion, Sexual Pedo Deviant Child Geoomers Month… LMFAOooo )

Yes people the Spy Creeps, they be sellin’ that SHIZZ too… (Literally) Selling when you go to rhe bathroom.

Any chance at an instant replay coach…? Pleaee review the slo-mo on the flagging of my device. There was no foul on the play… Please pick up the flag.

Brave be sayin’…: “Unsportsmanlike Like Conduct, Roughing the Quarterback, 15 Yard Penalty, Automatic 1st Down…!!”

I really didn’t understand a thing of what you’re saying…

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