Developers, you need to add this on Brave Browser!

Hello, I have a suggestion !!! I need you to add a registration and login system in the Browser with Brave accounts, that is, I need to create a profile in the Brave Browser and access this profile in the Browsers that I use on different devices, only the synchronization that you provide today for me isn’t functional , I synced 3 devices correctly, but it doesn’t work, I need to link the Brave browser on 3 different devices with the same account, and thus have all my shortcuts and my BAT credits from the unified and synchronized browsers, in addition to wanting to be able to configure more shortcuts for sites, in addition to those in the bookmarks bar, only the bookmarks bar does not have enough space for all the sites I use, I work with the internet, and I need these shortcuts also synchronized in Brave browsers that I use on different devices. I refer to the section “main sites” that you have in the initial tab of the Browser, I would like to be able to customize and add the sites in this section without having to open the site for the Browser to recognize that it is a site that I use frequently and thus the Browser adds, I want to be able to configure it, in the same way that I can add and remove sites from favorites.