Developer Console Lags When on a High Activity Page


I’m currently using Brave v0.19.95 on a windows 10 PC. I’ve been writing a JQuery plugin for a site I’m making here at work.

The plugin has fair few console.log() calls in it for debugging purposes. The calls are not back to back fast as they are made after a few Ajax calls. By the time the plugin completes it’s job. It will have made almost 3K Ajax Requests and make 1,200 or so calls to console.log() this is all done over the 30seconds (would be longer if the script was running on production server instead)

The exact point varies, but a little over halfway though. the plugin’s work load. The console Freezes for a moment then slowly starts to showing the console message again. When it freezes the webpage it’s self is doing exactly what it should be with not interruption or lag. The console will start to pick up speed as it tries to get caught up, but slows way down again.

During the freeze of the console tab. you can not do anything with the developer tools. However if you are on a different tab while the plugin is running. There is a not a freeze or lag unless you click on the console tab. Once the console is in this sort of weird state another problem shows up. If you close the browser tab or refresh the page. The Developer Console doesn’t clear it’s self. I have to manually close it and press F12 again to get a new one. Preserve log is turned off.

This behavior does not exist when I test the plug in Chrome or Firefox.

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