Developer browser no ads

Right after I updated to the lastest version of developer version brave, there was no more ads?

Sorry please you reside in what country

In the USA region. I used to receive ads but right after update no more ads.

I’m pretty sure I have the same problem. I was receiving ads until the last one or two Nightly updates. Now it says ads are not available in my region. The Brave Beta gives me the same message, yet the Dev version still shows ads for me. I’m in Canada.

I have been receiving ads regularly, but since the last update…nothing.

@ilcuoco @FindDIY @Hellobabyx Please make sure your OS REgion and locale is set to one of the supported country (US, Canada, UK, French, and Germany).

Ads are enabled in Dev and Nightly. Able to view Ads 0.65.74.


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@Dgenies @FindDIY @Hellobabyx @ilcuoco - please check