Dev Question: Where to find Brave Beta on Github?

I’m looking for URL schemes for Brave Beta. Have my enviro set up to tinker with this a bit, and gonna be learning regex.

Does anyone have any pointers to where I can find the beta branch/repo for BraveBeta iOS? It seems to use different URL codes than it’s stable younger brother, (Brave Stable for iOS).



(This works for Brave Stable, but not Beta.) As this isn’t the URL scheme used to query to BraveBeta.

As you can see below;

The “beta” branch hasn’t been updates since Nov 2020. Just curious. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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You can get the testflight Beta here:


I knew that… :man_facepalming: I’m on TF BraveBeta.
I either need the URL scheme for a shortcut.
Or will manually disassemble and find it myself I spose.


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