Dev Builds Only - If a site isn't working nicely for you make a comment with the address - web compatibility megathread


If you’re noticing an issue with a site out of the box, please first search if it’s already been added. If it has, just ‘like’ the post to upvote it.

If the site you want to report isn’t in the comments yet, leave a comment with the address.

Please also make a basic note about what exactly is wrong (page looks weird, can’t log in, music doesn’t play, etc.)

If you want to be a super duper good friend, please also try clicking on the lion icon, turn shield off, and let us know if that fixes the problem.


Address -

Problem - I cannot complete user verification.

Shields off result - I still cannot complete user verification.


Address -

Problem - Video Player Error.

Shields off result - Videos fail to play.


+1 from @Olivier via Unable to play video from

Address -

Problem - video not playing

Shields off results - Working.



Problem: the web page is blank when ads are blocked

Shields off result: the web page is displayed and behaves correctly



Problem: Web Page is blank with Adblock enabled
Shields off page loads correctly

Original issue reported Brave blocks content

Brave blocks content

There are two website I see that do not play nicely with the dev build of Brave.

  1. when looking at the charts the boxes within the indicators flash or do not appear.26%20PM

  2. when in bitmex the boxes either flash or do not appear kind of like the problem with trading view. Seems to be just an issue with tiny check boxes on alot of websites! I have tried turning the shield off and that does not fix the problem either!18%20PM


Address -

Problem - Entire page is blank.

Shields off result - Works properly if “Ads and Tracking” are allowed.