Dev/Beta/RC builds on browser start-up connect to


Windows 7 x64
Dev build 0.57.1 (also beta and RC builds are affected)

Hello community
Despite all of the efforts to cut out google remnants I’ve noticed this strange behavior, as well as other extras (will not mention them in this post)
On every startup Brave connects to the
The connection seems to be made in the background (behind-the-scene)
It occurs every time (on every browser start-up) when I open browser’s settings

How to reproduce and capture:

  1. install Ublock Origin and enable “I’m an advanced user” in the settings
  2. click on Ublock Origin icon in the bar, then right click on “logger” and open it in a new tab
  3. navigate to the behind-the-scene box and leave the tab with logger opened (keep only this tab and nothing else)
  4. restart Brave so that all the previous session is restored
  5. click on hamburger button and open browser’s settings
  6. click on the tab with logger and watch the connection marked with an “eye” icon

Unless I’m getting this wrong I don’t think it supposed to connect to any google related IP’s at all


It would be the connection to Chrome Webstore to fetch extension update. Do you see this connection happen on a clean profile without any extensions installed?

There are a few issues open to block the google connections. You can go through these issues
Prevent connections to google domains on start-up · Issue #663 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub
Don't connect to Google for translations · Issue #1674 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub
Don't connect to Google for Safe Browsing · Issue #1673 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub
Don't connect to · Issue #1672 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub
Prevent connections to and related per platform files · Issue #1684 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub


Deleted my profile folder completely to test on a fresh profile
Since I’m testing without the extension which can show me the comprehensive log with the actual address
I’m still noticing the outgoing connection to which appears to be the Google IP (sometimes IP varies)
Strange thing is that this (above mentioned connection) occurs only when I click on a hamburger button and then “settings”
It does not occur when I click on a hamburger button > “extensions” to check the extension page (and so to trigger the updates)

Which leaves me in confusion
I thought perhaps, at the least, this might be the built-in pdfjs triggered update, but I see no pdfjs extension in my “extensions”, so…

Maybe this is related to the “translation” ?
I’m not that much knowledgeable, but the “” address I pointed out in this topic contains “dict” as to “dictionary” ? Not sure


Update: I tried the method to make the log from this github post by diracdeltas Prevent connections to google domains on start-up · Issue #663 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub connection does indeed appear on a fresh profile without any extensions installed


Some of those issue are still open meaning not yet fixed. The closed items are not part of the current build that is available. I would suggest to wait for the next build which comes out and has those fixes. Thanks for checking up on this. If you do have a working fix for these or any other open issues you are welcome to create a PR with the fix and one of the team member will review it and merge it.


Issues on github are marked as “FROZEN”
Not sure what that means, but I will track this topic’s issue and post in here once something related to this will change in the new Brave builds
Thanks for replying by the way =]
I should probably keep this topic as “unresolved” for now


The milestone are for code freeze. Milestones represent which release it will be included in. Naming of milestones is only for triage purpose. Its for internal process so no need to worry about it.


This is the issue that I was talking about


The issue is fixed but not yet pulled into any milestone. Would be done once its tested and QA passes it.