Detecting a Brave browser (high level stats)


I’m an enterprise web application developer. I work in the healthcare space, so I do understand various concerns around PHI, HIPAA, etc.

However… we do want to track some very high level statistics to understand our target audience. e.g. how many users are on Edge vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Brave, etc.

Currently our Brave users appear as Chrome users since the UserAgent string (and navigator properties) all indicate this. While this spoofing is good from a consumer privacy standpoint, it doesn’t let us (or anyone else) track any Brave browser adoption stats for legitimate/good intention purposes.

Would Brave be up to adding a trailing " Brave/0.66.99" to the UserAgent string (when not in Tor* mode)?

As it stands we can detect Brave browsers vs. regular Chrome browsers via some complicated JS sniffing but I’d rather not do that.

TL;DR - Its going to be very hard to hide every detail that might give away the browser is Brave… as such, can we just add it to the default UserAgent string? or as a sub-prop on the navigator object? If the issue is that a website might use this to trigger a crazy “Hey! stop using ad blocker software” dialog - I get it… but I wonder if there might be an option to expose it for “trusted” domains? e.g. if we make an app for hospitals… we have no intention to ever present ads… it’s critical software to them, not a casual website.

Hi @scunliffe,

Here’s our current status:

Hope that helps. No timeline yet though.