Detaching & reattaching a TAB makes it inaccessible


Hi team,

I’ve been encountering this annoying bug in Brave from my first install 3 versions ago. The bug has a 100% repro rate on my system (Win 10) and is very annoying as it requires me to close Brave from Task Manager.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Brave
  2. Open at least 3 Tabs with either the same address or different addresses - doesn’t matter
  3. Detach one of the Tabs by dragging it from the Tabs bar - Brave will now have 2 windows
  4. Re-attach the Tab to your previous/first window


  1. The reattached tab is now inaccessible, meaning that you can no longer view it’s content but the tab is shown in the window.
  2. You cannot close any of the tabs or the browser itself as all the close buttons won’t work.

Windows 10 - 64bit
Intel Core I7-6700 @3.4 GHZ


Hi @maxime777

We have an issue logged for this. It can be tracked at the link below and it is currently slated for an upcoming release. Thank you for reporting this!


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