Desperately Needs a Minimum Font Size Feature



Brave apparently lacks the ability to specify custom fonts; but much more importantly, it lacks the ability to specify a minimum font size. I am amazed that nobody else seems to be screaming about this issue, because this is a really big deal. Major sites like Amazon’s use incredibly tiny fonts for certain things, and these tiny fonts make them virtually unusable to the older population and people with less-than-perfect vision. Even the fonts here are remarkably tiny on a typical high-resolution monitor. I’m practically going cross-eyed in writing this. Come on guys! This has got to be an easy one to fix, and it’s so very important. Browsers aren’t very useful when their text is unreadable.


I agree! I’m at that age where less-than-perfect vision begins to affect! Please tell us when we’ll be able to set not only the font types, and also the font sizes in pixels!



HI @HealthWyze @CBmanJWS, thanks for requesting!

There’s an issue logged for this. I added your +1 to the issue and you can track the progress here



I just set Bravo as my default. That’s how much I like it. However, the ability to select font type & size would make this perfect browser even more perfecter. :blush:

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I know that this isn’t QUITE the same, but you can change the font size through the main menu or by hitting <CTRL +> or <CTRL -> to increase or decrease the font size on an individual page. It does seem to remember the change after closing or reopening a browser tab or window. I do that a lot to make fonts easier to read.


I’ll raise the stakes on this one: How about the browser ignores all font size specifications except logical ones: H1, H2, … plus one level of SMALL. Rationale: User knows what fits on his screen & works for his eyes.