Desktop Windows 10 64 bit Casino games only run spasmodically


Hi, I’m new to the use of the Brave browser, started only yesterday.

I tried playing casino games at the website, only some of the games would play, there are different games from different creators. The ones that played okay were all games made by one particular creator but various other games not of the same creator would not play. However, I’m thinking that may not be the reason why the other games did not play.

The ones that would not play seemed to go into half a page, meaning the game was there waiting to play but the game was cut in half as it were, that is barely visible. I allowed cookies for the Lottoland site but couldn’t figure out what else in settings I could try. Any advice would be appreciated.


I had tried to play one of the games, but they all start their fees at a quid. :slight_smile:

You might want to check the guidance given in our Common Issues category:


Hi @raythepaint,

I’m thinking the games which don’t work may be requiring Flash. You might check the troubleshooting steps we’ve captured on our GitHub wiki page:

Let us know if this helps

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