Desktop Sync Does Not Work Right


I have a Windows 7 machine at work. I have it as the ‘master’ for syncing. I added my Mac OS X at home to the sync.

Changes to home, synced at work, are fine for files in the bookmarks toolbar, but changes in a folder cause a new folder to be created.

Changes to work, synced at home, are usually (not always) reflected at home except folders do not update and sometimes disappear. The icons in the bookmarks toolbar are randomly repositioned.

I’ve had to keep firefox up to date to have a backup. What do I need to do?


This has been reported as an issue. You can track along with it here:


Same basic issue here. I used my work desktop to get started, so that’s the “master” (or the “let’s get started” sync). I come home, install Brave on my laptop (same OS, Win 7), enter the code words, ask it to sync, and my laptop goes and gets all my bookmarks, but blows the folder hierarchy to pieces. All subfolders, hundreds, spread across the Bookmark Toolbar; it took me a half hour to move everything back into place. When I did this on FireFox a few years back, then switched to Chrome because FF is awful now, both syncing functions worked flawlessly.

Passwords did not come over from Chrome, either, nor did they sync to my laptop. So now I will need to log into Chrome, go into settings, view passwords EVERY TIME I can’t remember one of a bazillion passwords I have (like everyone else). The ability for that synchronized profile to follow me was a huge help when working at home, and saved a lot of time (no more messing with bookmark.htm files!).

I’m excited about this browser, other than sync, and one other issue (different thread). Please fix this!

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