Desktop & Privacy with "share" social media images/buttons

Using Brave 0.58.18 on Ubuntu 18.04.1, but likely doesn’t matter.

I’m a big privacy wonk. Previously had been using Firefox’s containers for all the major sites that do tracking (Google, Twitter, Facebook, news sites, etc).

When surfing with Brave, say I have Twitter open in one tab and I’m looking at my feed. As I surf in another Brave tab, a page has a Twitter share button. Does Twitter know I loaded that page? Basically connecting my logged in session with the served image?

I couldn’t find this documented anywhere on how this cross tab privacy works. If it’s written somewhere, please post a link.

I didn’t expect this to work, but it did. I had Twitter logged in on one Brave tab. I then opened another tab to Nuzzel, which uses Twitter for authentication. Logging in to Nuzzel via Twitter was just a click. So I think my Twitter cookies are available to other tabs, and may be when their share images appear on other pages.



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Any official thoughts on this from the Brave team? I’m worried that even if cookies aren’t enabled, serves of images will be the tell-tale sign from another tab while surfing.


6 days and counting. Is this part of the community even read by employees and volunteers? Just curious.

Crickets! Where’s a better place to stick my security/privacy question at? Grrrr. Help Brave team!

Le sigh. :frowning: No one knows! I might uninstall Brave and go back to Firefox with containers.

Still looking, still hoping, but NOT using Brave for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon or Yahoo sites.

Apologies for late response @AndrewB.

Discussed here How to disable Facebook tracking

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Ah, I will watch both of the Github issues. Super thanks for pointing me there, @eljuno!