Desktop & Privacy with "share" social media images/buttons



Using Brave 0.58.18 on Ubuntu 18.04.1, but likely doesn’t matter.

I’m a big privacy wonk. Previously had been using Firefox’s containers for all the major sites that do tracking (Google, Twitter, Facebook, news sites, etc).

When surfing with Brave, say I have Twitter open in one tab and I’m looking at my feed. As I surf in another Brave tab, a page has a Twitter share button. Does Twitter know I loaded that page? Basically connecting my logged in session with the served image?

I couldn’t find this documented anywhere on how this cross tab privacy works. If it’s written somewhere, please post a link.

I didn’t expect this to work, but it did. I had Twitter logged in on one Brave tab. I then opened another tab to Nuzzel, which uses Twitter for authentication. Logging in to Nuzzel via Twitter was just a click. So I think my Twitter cookies are available to other tabs, and may be when their share images appear on other pages.




Any official thoughts on this from the Brave team? I’m worried that even if cookies aren’t enabled, serves of images will be the tell-tale sign from another tab while surfing.



6 days and counting. Is this part of the community even read by employees and volunteers? Just curious.


Crickets! Where’s a better place to stick my security/privacy question at? Grrrr. Help Brave team!


Le sigh. :frowning: No one knows! I might uninstall Brave and go back to Firefox with containers.


Still looking, still hoping, but NOT using Brave for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon or Yahoo sites.


Apologies for late response @AndrewB.

Discussed here How to disable Facebook tracking


Ah, I will watch both of the Github issues. Super thanks for pointing me there, @eljuno!