Desktop passwords to mobile using sync. How to store them locally on mobile?

The passwords sync to mobile fine. But I do not wish to use sync long term. If I end the sync chain, the passwords on the phone vanish. How I do store them locally on the phone after sync? Does it happen after x hours?

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This shouldn’t be happening. Can you describe how you are ending the sync chain?

Passwords are stored locally by default. When you sync, the data is shared across all synced devices. Ending the sync chain shouldn’t remove any data. If passwords are disappearing, there’s an unusual issue at play. We need to investigate further to understand what’s going on.


So I’m using the latest versions on android and windows 11.

The passwords show on phone once I do sync by scanning the code on desktop with phone.

But when I click delete sync account on phone (or desktop, have tried both), the passwords on phone disappear. Passwords stay on desktop.

How can I force the phone to save them locally?