Desktop mode not functioning

I have the same problem. The setting does not work at all.

I’m experiencing this issue today all of a sudden. No new tabs open in desktop mode although I have it set to that. It was working less than a day ago, so something changed.

I’ve tried clearing my browser cache, toggling the setting on and off, doing device maintenance, rebooting. No luck. It’s getting annoying since many sites I use lose lots of functionality in mobile view.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Brave 1.35.100, Chromium 98.0.4758.87
Android 11; Build/RP1A.200720.012

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Tested and switching between desktop and mobile version, seems to work here. Some sites may remember via local storage or cookies, and may not change until its cleared.

Testing is a good way to confirm Desktop Mode.

  • Is there a specific site causing issues?
  • Try clearing the cookies for the site and then refresh

switching between desktop and mobile version is irrelevent to my problem posted here

It’s all sites acting up for me. New tabs always open in mobile view despite desktop view being my default. I tried clearing my cache already. Specific sites I cleared cookies for open in mobile view too if I’m opening them in a new tab. Reddit, Imgur, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter…

Also YouTube links are opening in the app now when I’m pretty sure I set them to open in the browser.

@ldzlcs065 What you’re looking for is more of a feature suggestion than to say it’s not functioning. When you set it to Desktop mode, it’s only doing it for that one tab. At least on Android. I just tested out on my device to see that it stayed in Desktop mode for anything I visited, but as you said…when opening new tab it went back to the default mobile mode.

In contrast, it’s broken on iPhone. Like I just visited several sites and did the Request Desktop and it didn’t do anything. So that aspect should be visited, if @fanboynz or @Mattches can check it out and relay it to the team.

So what OP here is saying is they want the Desktop Mode to be a toggle that will stay on, even when opening new tabs.

Then where I’ve added from testing on my iPhone 13 Pro Max, Desktop Mode wasn’t even working. I tried it on,, and a few other sites.

No, what I’m pointing out is exactly a broken feature that’s not functioning, not a feature suggestion. if you read my detailed description of the problem, you shall realize I’m not talking about set a single page to Desktop mode, but to set the default website page mode to be the Desktop one, which used to be a function of Android brave apps that worked well.

Shall I throw that back at you? Let’s look at what I said and you’re responding to…

Keep in mind we have Fanboynz who works for Brave that advised they didn’t see an issue. The other aspect is when you compare to other Chromium browsers, such as Chrome, they don’t even operate the way you mention. If it happened to exist in the past, I’ve never seen it. Either way, you’ve communicated it and I’m trying to help while also pointing out bigger issue with iOS. Question is, you want to keep arguing back and forth where we drown out the issue or just leave it be so when the Fanboynz and Mattches start their next shift, they can see the issue and respond?

So you followed my description, known very well this option showed in the picture is what I’m talking about, but still insist that you are trying to help me by suggesting that “Keep in mind we have Fanboynz who works for Brave that advised they didn’t see an issue. The other aspect is when you compare to other Chromium browsers, such as Chrome, they don’t even operate the way you mention. If it happened to exist in the past, I’ve never seen it.”, which sounds to me to be a euphemistic way of saying that the problem that I originally pointed out is just my delusion, and given all the other responses, I’m not the even the only person who has such mental problem instead of a practical problem. This is my taking and I hope that explained my way of responding if that sounds a bit agressive to you. By the way, the very reason I quit chrome I chose to use brave is exactly that brave have a lot of user-friendly features such like this one.

With all that said, I think I should thank you for telling me fanboynz is a stuff of brave, in that case I will elaborate my problem in more detailed way to @fanboynz : when I toggle on the “Desktop Mode” button as showed in the pictures, when I open an new page, it is supposed to have Desktop site option enabled automatically. At least this is how brave worked before the latest update, but now it doesn’t work.

@ldzlcs065 Let me break this up, as maybe how things flow together sound wrong.

  • I am usually very direct and mean exactly what I say. Some people aren’t used to that and read into things more. For example, I said This is more of a suggestion than to say it's not functioning. I meant that literally and took that from responses prior, my own experience, etc.

  • I followed that up with the summary I quoted, which at least tried to clarify what you’re looking for in regards to a toggle and to keep in desktop. That was to try to show you that I heard what you said but also then to clarify for Fanboynz. Plus was able to throw in some information about iOS which was completely broken in comparison. So I was getting three birds with one stone without insulting anyone. (or so I thought)

  • At that point I was content in trying to provide information to all involved and was hoping clarification would lead to improvements.

  • A little later, I got your response telling me I’m wrong and essentially accusing me of not reading. if you read my detailed description In that, you ended up repeating back what I said for the summary, in slightly different words. So it did come across as an attack.

  • So I pointed out the above, showing you did what you accused me of and then tried to get into bigger explanation. In it I laid out why I was telling you that it didn’t seem broken as much as a feature request. Add in Brave employee, my testing with Chrome and other browsers, and my own use of the browser over the past few years. (I actually was testing it with multiple devices and all, looking for answers from before the moment I ever posted anything here. Also continued long after, hoping to figure it out)

That’s how that came about. Not sure if breaking it up helps understand. Of course, I should also mention it’s 2am and I should have been asleep hours ago. Unfortunately I have PTSD, often can’t sleep well, had a traumatic brain injury in 2010, AND am on the autism spectrum. Honestly it works to my advantage a lot in a different way of thinking and trying to find solutions. It just can fall apart once people misunderstand me and it pushes to arguing, which is why I was trying to not go back and forth on it.

  • I do see your screenshot and looked at the settings you’re talking about. As you mention, the phrasing and location would deem one to think it should work for all. I can’t remember the name of the logical fallacy, but it just goes to show that my comment on experience and all fell into that. It’s like if I have only ever seen blue birds and then believe all birds are blue. Does that make me right? Nope.

  • As to your last comment, just goes to show you also had a misunderstanding of what I was trying to say and do. Some long messages here, especially in my responses, but seems we’ve kind of been able to draw out more specifics on things and understand each other a bit better, should we bump into each other again on the forums. Which is highly likely since I’m on disability, don’t have transportation, and often left sitting around bored in my little apartment. And yeah, I’m working on my communication too. Usually goes well with people, but occasionally just have that brief moment of misunderstanding that can get to the wrong place.

Anyway, I’ll be watching to learn what happens. Also keep trying to toy with my devices to see if I can figure things out, but haven’t been able to find any settings. Either way, going to try not to be commenting here more unless I have something productive to add to the subject.

It actually is. We’d like to check and see if this function works at all or if its restricted to the specific setting you’re referring to. This is part of basic troubleshooting.

So, for anyone here experiencing this issue, can you please tell me:

  • If you visit a website, and select Menu --> Desktop site (with the checkbox), does the site appear in desktop view or does it stay in mobile?
  • In either case, is it that every single site does not respect the Desktop view setting or specific sites/types of sites?

Thank you.

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Desktop site works. I have youtube in this mode on android and it works just fine. Maybe something that could be site specific? I dunno…

@megaspaz and @Mattches I said wouldn’t comment again, but want to clarify. The issue isn’t going into Desktop Site. Their complaint is when they open a new tab, it doesn’t STAY in desktop site. It defaults back to Mobile view even though settings are to prefer Desktop. So it’s assumed that when set to Prefer desktop version of sites that it would load all pages in Desktop view at all times, even if opening new tabs/windows.

As for opening the menu and selecting Desktop View, that particular tab will remain in that mode until closed.

On my iPhone 13 Pro Max using iOS 15.3 and Brave 1.35 ( any website I visit and select Request Desktop Site will refresh but then stay in Mobile Site view.

As for Android, already addressed above. Only partially works. Main issue is doesn’t follow through with Prefer Desktop Version when opening new tabs.

Digging further into this and have reached out to our Android team. Will reply back when I have more information.

So this actually does appear to be a known issue that the team is already addressing here:

Allow some time for this fix to land in the release build.

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While we’re on this subject, do you think you could get the below issue lumped into the fix as well? It’s been a few years now and it’s still broken.

@Saoiray It appears to be the same as the above issue, but extended into opening tabs manually as well. With the issue above, desktop mode does not persist when new tabs are opened by opening a link on a page in a new tab. Now it appears manually opening a new tab causes the same problem. Except for the issue above, I had noted that that issue is because the browser reports a mobile user agent when links are opened in new tabs.


is this solve??? very irritating bug pls solve it quick

It’s still an issue on the current build is a fix still being worked on?

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