Desktop mode does not persist


I assume that when it says “desktop&persist”, it is because you have responsed to the desire of permanent desktop mode. However, when I close the app and come back, desktop mode didn’t persist. (As you can see from the fact that YouTube asks to go the mobile version of the website)

Furthermore, when pressing “Open in New Tab” (if you want to see a video later) from desktop mode, the new tab falls back into mobile mode; it would be better if it stayed in desktop mode if we “open in a new tap” from desktop mode.

Please fix, thank you!


Does this work on other browsers on iOS as well? &persist_app=1&noapp=1 Is that something that you have typed in manually? What iOS version are you running and what version of Brave are you running?

cc: @joel


iPad IOS 11.1
Brave 1.4.2

There is the same problem in Safari and most browsers I used. I recently found Yandex and “Full Version” (desktop mode) (they also allow switching back to “mobile version”) persists even after closing and reopening the app/browser.

(Furthermore, for YouTube, you need to request “Desktop” from the YouTube site and then desktop mode from the browser; with Yandex, upon pressing “full version” it goes directly from the mobile site to its desktop version without pressing “Desktop” in YouTube settings)

I didn’t type “persist…” manually, it was there automatically.


(Photo of Yandex)

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