Desktop/Linux No padlock but magnifying glasses and no https://

Is this safe? I can’t find an answer anywhere. The question is in the title, I have two opposing magnifying glasses where the padlock should be. Hovering over glasses says secure, but I’m not so sure.

I would suspect that not many people know about this. Maybe nobody cares or pays attention to what they see or are not seeing, that is important for them to know.
After much searching before posting this 5 days ago, and much searching afterwards, I found this.

Also, when you start seeing this, you can double click at the right end of the URL or in the URL itself and it will show https://www.

@Don3 that’s actually a settings button. If you click on it, you’ll see details about the site and have some control over things. For example:


Do you see how the top shows the padlock and lets you know that it’s secure? But then you have other options in viewing and controlling things like cookies.

Brave actually does HTTPS by default now. You can read more about this at

What this means is websites will be made secure even if they just are on HTTP. If it’s unable to do that for any reason, it will generally provide a notice to you and ask if you would like to continue. (at least from my own experience, I’m not going to guarantee this is the case in all situations)

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